Looking for advice and help?

The Main Associations

The "big two" associations are Action for ME and the ME Association. Action for ME is run more as a "corporate" charity, has a wide range of helpful leaflets, supportive phone lines etc. and publishes a regular magazine that has a variety of articles, from medical advice to poetry, personal accounts to reports from meetings. The ME Association is run more by volunteers, and Dr Charles Shepherd is a main figure. It is more focused on medical and research issues. It also published a regular magazine that has a more extensive section on medical advice and less on creative topics.

For children or students with ME, I recommend Tymes Trust, run by Jane Colby who has ME herself, was previously a head teacher, conducted a survey in schools with Dr Betty Dowsett on school absence and ME, and works tirelessly to support children with ME.

Finally, for those who are more severely affected, there is The 25% Group, formed in 1995.



South Africa: a friendly, all-round support group

website: The ME CFS Foundation South Africa NPC


Smaller Sites

There are many smaller websites for people with ME (like this one), so this is just a sample to get you started:

ME/CFS Helpful Hints

ME Support

UK Fibromyalgia

There are many, many sites covering ME and CFS, so this is only meant to give you a taster! Ask around for suggestions once you find your feet (hint: start looking somewhere around your ankles).

MEspace is a friendly, creative website for people with ME/CFS where you can enjoy art, photography and poetry, play games and upload your own work. They also have a Facebook page.

More Information

Here is a link to an international magazine that is designed to be downloaded, and has all sorts of news and in-depth information: The M.E. Global Chronicle

To keep up-to-date with medical research, the easiest sites to consult are the home page of Phoenix Rising, and Cort's blog, Health Rising.